Metaphysical Anatomy
Practitioners Certification Program

Evette Rose
Founder of M.A.T

Certification Program is a Program to produce Certified Students who are able to practice MAT in a more CONFIDENT and AUTHENTIC way and help MAT to be confident regarding the quality of the practitioner.

Level 1 M.A.T Certification Program Orientation

Welcome to the MAT Practitioners’ Certification Program!

Learn more about the program, its framework, and requirements to become a certified MAT practitioner.

About the Program

The Certification Program is for Metaphysical Anatomy Students who would like to enhance their skills and become more proficient Practitioners. This program is made to be more knowledgeable, exciting, flexible, interactive, and effective. The program will allow students to enhance their skills anywhere, anytime and within a reasonably flexible schedule. After completing the program, the student will receive a Certification Program certificate (MAT Certified Practitioner) from Metaphysical Anatomy signed by Evette Rose.

Certification Framework

The certification program is divided into two parts, the Knowledge and Practice section. Both should be completed concurrently and within the 6-month certification period. The knowledge section of the Certification Program will include Level 1 refresher online courses, webinars, videos, and any learning material that can be added later. The cases need to be done within the time frame.

The Knowledge Part of the Certification Program will consist of the following:

  • Study: Understand the Level 1 Teachings and Technique by attending the live or live online course
  • Nourishment: Complete the Level 1 refresher course online (this self-paced course is inside matmembers.com)
  • Attend at least 1 Level 1 course as an assistant to their teacher or mentor (at least during the last 2 hours of days 2 and 3 or during practice sessions /swaps)
  • Strengthen: Gain and strengthen knowledge by watching and understanding Level 1 Webinar replays.
  • Ethics: Understand & Practice Ethics & MAT Code of Conduct.
  • Test: Testing your expertise by taking the Certification Exam (it’s a 10-item test that is inside matmembers.com at the end of the level 1 online self-paced course)

The Practical section of the certification program involves developing individual Practicing healing abilities and includes submission of 10 successfully healed cases using Metaphysical Anatomy Technique only.

  • 5 simple Physical Healing cases
  • 5 Emotional Healing cases.

***All cases must be reviewed and approved by your mentor. 

Course Requirements

To complete the program, candidates must meet the following requirements within six months of their application:

  • Successful completion of all Knowledge Parts.
  • Assisting in at least  1 MAT Level 1 Course
  • Completion of 10 healing cases. All cases must be reviewed and approved by your mentor /teacher.
  • Completion and passing of the examination
  • Submission of a portfolio that includes a completed Clients Session Sheet and mentor-approved ten healing cases (in pdf format)

***If the applicants failed to meet the requirement, they can re-apply for the program again in one month.

Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program offers extra support from the mentors/teachers to their students who want to become Certified Practitioners, to provide guidance and encouragement, and to develop MAT proficiency and competency.

  • You will be assigned to your MAT teacher to be your mentor for the program (or another MAT teacher if your teacher is not available).
  • You will need to contact your mentor within one week of receiving your program application approval and meet for guidance and schedule.
  • You and your mentor will set up a meeting schedule together with the Mentee group for the duration of the program. Your mentor will provide support and guidance as you complete your knowledge & healing cases. You are expected to have at least one face-to-face meeting (in-person, Skype, Zoom, etc.) with your mentor.
  • Being a mentor and a mentee will require diligence. There is a compelling need to commit to regular meetings (and actually meet), outline progress, and learn to operate a new relationship with imperturbability.
Policies and Procedures

Dismissal from the program: Candidates must be actively engaged in making progress towards their certification and meeting program progress & requirements. Failure to achieve progress will lead to a performance review, which may result in dismissal from the program.

Drop out from Program: Candidates who wish to drop out from the MAT Certification Practitioners program officially must submit a formal letter to their mentor and info@m1.syskodetechnologies.com. The candidate will not be eligible for any refund.

Request for Extensions: The program ends six months from the date the application is approved. No extensions will be granted unless explained serious circumstances & upon Mentor approval & final approval of MAT Admin.

Ready to become a CERTIFIED Level 1 M.A.T Practitioner?

Please complete the form below and pay the certification fee.

Level 1 M.A.T Certification Course Fee


After you make your payment, please email your MAT teacher and attach the payment confirmation so you can start the MAT Certification process. 

If your Level 1 teacher is Evette, we will connect you to your chosen mentor via email once we receive your payment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The new certification process started on August 2021.

After receiving the certificate of internship, you will need to complete the form above and pay the certification fee. Your Level 1 Teacher may also have the option to take your payment and register through them. Please reach out to your Level 1 Teacher for more information. 

You need to choose from the certified level 1 teachers/mentors listed in the application form. 

Reach out to your Level 1 Teacher/mentor via email and send proof of payment so they can start the mentoring process. If you did Level 1 with Evette, please send an email to info@m1.syskodetechnologies.com and we will connect you to your chosen mentor. 

You need to apply for the certification program within 6 months from the time you received your Certificate of Internship.

The Certification Program requirements need to be completed and submitted within 6 months from the time of your application approval. 

You will have access to the Level 1 Online refresher course after you finish the Level 1 Live or Live Online training. Just log in to www.matmembers.com and look for the Level 1 Online course. It’s a self-paced course that you can take at your most convenient time. 

You can take the exam when you are ready. The exam can also be found online at www.matmembers.com. It’s in Part 20 of the Level 1 Online Self-paced Course/Refresher Course. 

The case forms can be downloaded from the membership site. Please go to www.matmembers.com and look for Level 1 resources. 

Yes. That is absolutely fine but please communicate with your mentor first so he/she can inform the other teacher and to be able to endorse you properly. 

Yes. You will receive a certificate of internship that is valid for 6 months. If after 6 months, you decide to take the certification to become a Certified M.A.T practitioner, you will need to do the Level 1 course again and join any Level 1 class with a teacher live or live online as a repeater. The fee for repeating the Level 1 Training is 50% of the Level 1 registration fee. 

Yes, you are considered as a certified level 1 M.A.T Practitioner and does not need to go through the new certification process. 

Yes, you can take Level 2 and will receive certificate of internship. If in the future, you decide to do the Level 2 certification, you need to complete the Level 1 Certification process first as a prerequisite.  

Yes. You are absolutely welcome to take the certification process. We highly encourage doing the certification process to boost your confidence as a certified practitioner. 

If you are having trouble receiving emails from us, please kindly check your spam folder and make sure to add info@m1.syskodetechnologies.com to your SAFE SENDER list.